Through international network in Asia and Europe possibility of sourcing special/niche molecules:

Innovative Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies

Our Pharmacist assists in all regulatory matters. This for API, Generics, Brand Generics and new product registration with our customers

Providing financing
possibilities through
our structure

For our principals our
financial department
follows up strictly on
due payments

Providing services
to secure credit of
our principals

Your Financial Liquidity
and Cash Flow


For Rhenochem principals we are raising market informations such as:
Enabling our partners to position their product into the markets to obtain best result

Biotechnology, Oncology, Antiinfectives, CNS

Innovative Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies

Vials, Ampoules, Prefilles Syringes, Tablets, Capsules and NDDS

The group has industrial stakeholdings in the USA, INDIA AND CHINA. And Business offices in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. The bedrock of our sustainable success is a CONSISTENT FOCUS ON QUALITY, SAFETY AND INNOVATION. Rhenochem delivers integral, custom-tailored services and solutions.