Headquartered in Basel (Switzerland), the first and second generation family run RHENOCHEM GROUP has
been operating globally in the distribution and production within the pharmaceutical industry since 1990.

The group has industrial stakeholdings in the USA, INDIA AND CHINA. And Business offices in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and
Venezuela. The bedrock of our sustainable success is a CONSISTENT FOCUS ON QUALITY, SAFETY AND INNOVATION.
Rhenochem delivers integral, custom-tailored services and solutions.

Distribution of pharmaceutical products

Distribution of pharmaceutical products and diagnostic kits

Distribution of spare parts and machinery for pharmaceutical industry

Distribution of pharmaceutical products

Packing services for pharmaceutical and veterinary industry
Allpack develops packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry using the state-of-the-art
processing and production systems at its GMP-certified facilities in Reinach (Switzerland).
Allpack is also licensed by swissmedic, US FDA, ANVISA (Brazil) and several pharmaceutical companies
in Japan for primary and secondary packaging for the pharma industry. Accreditation from the Japanese
authorities (PMDA, MHLW) has also been obtained.

South America is a key market. The Group’s branch company in Brazil,
the biggest LATAM market, boasts an outstanding network.

In addition to pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution,
it also acts as a sales agent for numerous pharma companies.

Partnership with local Colombian company Willow Pharma which enables us to
register and distribute pharmaceutical products directly in Colombia.

Joint Venture in Mexico with own structure including warehousing to serve
Mexican market fast and efficiently.